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Medical marketing can bring your practice to the forefront, differentiate it from the competition.

Working exclusively in healthcare, Concepts in Medical Marketing provides strategic marketing to medical and dental practices within the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We know how to deliver your message successfully to patients, the public and referrers.

What sets us apart from others? It's our firsthand knowledge. Barbara Steckler worked both the front and back office at a medical practice for several years then headed the marketing division of a medical management consulting firm before starting Concepts in Medical Marketing.

We know the medical / dental marketplace. We know you must always be sensitive to how colleagues view your marketing. And, we know there are different cultures at each hospital to be considered when creating campaigns or products.

Competition among practices is fierce. To have a truly successful business, you must clearly, concisely, consistently and frequently promote and differentiate your practice from others. Let us show you how.